The Journalist’s Resource

The Journalist’s Resource was ready to publish more frequently and develop new types of articles, and they wanted an updated look for their site and brand. They were struggling with a complicated navigation system and disorganized taxonomy that made it hard for readers to find the information they were looking for. 

This project was managed by DevCollaborative; I had the role of Lead WordPress Developer.

DevCollaborative’s Product Owner Clayton Dewey led the JR editorial team through workshops to develop simpler navigation and a strategy for mapping deprecated categories and tags to a more streamlined taxonomy.

We helped JR work with Kayla Jones to create an updated brand and logo, and front-end developer Stacy Kvernmo built out the new brand into a complete web design. 

The new WordPress site uses custom post types and taxonomy to provide a clear content structure for various article types, and a streamlined backend experience for website editors. The enhanced site search uses the updated taxonomy to guide website visitors to the information they’re seeking.