Jewish Social Justice Roundtable Affiliates Map

I worked on this microsite with DevCollaborative.

Jewish Social Justice Roundtable (JSJR) needed a graphic, clickable map they could show to potential donors. They needed to be able to demonstrate their member organizations’ locations and staff distribution.

Their budget precluded anything completely custom-built, and they wanted to be able to edit and update the map themselves, so we looked for a WordPress plugin that could create an interactive map.

I chose the MapSVG wordpress plugin, and worked with a DevCollaborative front-end developer to customize the appearance and behavior of the map using CSS and JavaScript.

We spent weeks refining the map with the client, and ended up with something they were very pleased with. With a little training, the site editors are comfortable configuring cities and regions on the map by themselves.

JSJR also needed a way to list all the locations in a searchable list – I imported a spreadsheet into the TablePress plugin. That part was easy.