Matt G – Using ChatGPT, Jasper, Ryter, and MidJourney

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WordPress Naperville Meetup March 2023: Using AI for content and code

What AI tools do you use, and what plans or subscriptions?

Chat GPT

I use the free version; there is a $20 subscription available


I use the $59/mo. Boss Mode Plan – 50,000/words per month

There is a $24/mo. Plan available – 20,000/words per month, though no boss mode (long-form document writer and content summarizer) 


I got a $75 one-time email offer deal through Entrepreneur for 75,000/words per month (not sure if this is still available)

Otherwise, free to sign up for 10,000/words per month

Or $9/mo. for 100k/words per month


I use the $30/mo. Plan – Unlimited relaxed hours / 15 hour fast generations

They also have a $10/mo. plan for limited generations at ~200 images/month.

What do you use Jasper for?

I use this mainly to help write:

  1. Social media posts
  2. Website content
  3. Some emails
  4. And other marketing material and long-form content

I also have been using their chat bot for:

  1. Generating ideas for posts and website content
  2. Writing content
  3. Generating sub-headlines
  4. Getting keyword ideas
  5. Local competition research
  6. Creating code and figuring out variables for JavaScript and PHP

Jasper also has a bunch of templates such as:

  1. Content improver (it will rewrite content to be unique)
  2. Explain it to a child (choose the reading grade level)
  3. Website Outlines
  4. Blog Outlines
  5. Product Descriptions
  6. Bullet Points
  7. SEO Titles/Descriptions
  8. FAQ Generator
  9. Google Business Profile Posts
  10. Photo Captions
  11. And much more.

Jasper also has a new workflow model to help with creating long form content

I use Jasper to create content without going into keyword research; it still requires fact checking and editing

Some issues with Jasper and other AI writers including ChatGPT

  • Fact check everything! It is not always correct. Also, double-check keywords and do keyword research if doing SEO. Always check with client if writing content for them and unsure about the gnereated content.
  • It will at times repeat itself, though a triple asterisks ‘***’ above the content that’s being written usually solves that for Jasper.
  • After some time I noticed some patterns within the outputs of the various AI tools:
    • e.g. , Sometimes I see a lot of “Looking for [service]? Look no further than [company name].”
    • I’ll sometimes delete these and use the rest of the paragraph or rewrite it or add to it to my liking.
  • Sometimes these AI writers will go off on a non-relevant tangent and you have to steer them back on course by writing some additional content of your own or provide it with new prompts
  • In my experience, raw Jasper outputs pass AI writer checkers and think it’s written by a human

What do you use Ryter for?

  • I use this mainly to check for plagiarism
    • Free to use with a free account; other services charge for this.
  • I will also use Rytr at times to create headlines and content for websites and posts
  • Other than ChatGPT, this is is a semi-decent AI writer that people can use for free, though limited to 10K words/month.

What do you use MidJourney for?

  • I use this mainly to play around with as I have a ton of fun creating so many different styles of images. Here is my website of AI images:
  • I also have been using it to create abstract artwork and recently opened an Etsy shop to sell some of the artwork.
  • I’ll also use MidJourney to sometimes help me get some ideas for web design as you can have it create website layouts. The results are never perfect, but the composition and layout of elements provide some good ideas and inspiration.
  • I also have used it to create illustrations. It has a hard time making hands and feet, so I recreate the artwork in Adobe Illustrator and trace over the image while fixing any issues that don’t look right. I’m close to publishing my first coloring book for kids based upon AI concept art!

What do you use ChatGPT for?

  • I’ve been playing around with ChatGPT. It’s great cause it’s free, though I’ve seen it generate exact same responses with the same input sometimes which isn’t a good thing. I’ve read that teachers have been catching students cheating this way. Regardless, it can be used to:
    • Create and Build Content for posts, websites, and other marketing material
    • Keyword research (very limited)
    • Create code – it can create simple JavaScripts. Biggest point here would be proof of concept and that it can create working code that can also be modified by the chatbot.
      • I would like to imagine that it can trouble shoot existing code, though I have not dabbled into that just yet.
      • It may be helpful to some developers to find specific variables and code to perform certain functions.

How long did it take you to learn to use these tools in this way?

  • I’ve been using Jasper (formerly Jarvis) for about a year now. I found out about it through a YouTube video when researching about local SEO tips. I compared all the popular AI content writers at the time and Jasper was the clear top winner that most people can agree with provides the best outputs.
  • Overall, it didn’t take me long to learn these tools. I love playing around and learning new technologies. Perhaps a few weeks to figure out my own workflow at first, though I have been continuously evolving my workflow as new tools become available (such as the new AI chat bots).
  • This technology is still in its infancy and keeps getting better over time. ChatGPT has only been out since November. Jasper and others have been around for a little over a year now, though they use OpenAI (same as ChatGPT) for the code, though they also add their own proprietary code to enhance the results. Also, GPT-4 is coming out soon and I’m excited to see what it will do.

How has using AI affected your work process?

  • I make more money writing my own content rather than farming it out to others as a freelance web designer.
  • I also can get projects done faster as I can create the content faster and as such clients also think I’m a pro writer. However, it does require for me to do a bit more keyword research and generate ideas for content and social media posts.
  • Also, I know it’s difficult for some web designers in general to create written content for websites, especially if not willing to use a human copywriter, so these AI tools can be a huge benefit and time saver to those working on a smaller scale or budget.
  • However, it’s still important to have a good discovery session with clients that websites or other marketing content are being made for.
  • I’ll take the information learned and have AI content writers rewrite what the client said into legible paragraphs that use an active voice at a low reading grade level. So, it definitely helps simplify the process of creating content while working with clients.
  • And ultimately, these AI tools can help get rid of writers block, programmers block, and design block.

Do you see your use of AI tools changing in the future?

  • I’ve been discovering new ways to use this almost every week, though since I’m primarily a web designer, I’ll keep using it for web design and social media posts
  • I sometimes will use it to craft emails to clients or help simplify an idea.
  • I’ve also been starting to use the chat bots to gain new insight into topics, keywords, local competition, and new ideas as well.
  • I’ve discovered how well the AI chat bots can refine outputs and can be used to help craft entire webpages or blog posts, code and all.

Are you developing any other uses for these AI tools?

  • To build a functional time machine, but it won’t let me or tell me how though, haha.
  • I also tried telling it to close the bay doors, but it tells me that it can’t do that either and calls me Dave, lol.
  • Seriously though, I am constantly searching for ways that these AI tools can help my with my business as well as learning from others in their use of these AI tools.

Any other takeaways?

  • Main takeaway with AI is that it should be used as a tool and that all content needs to be fact-checked and vetted.
  • Also, Google is fine with AI generated content as long as it’s helpful and meant for humans and is not written to gain the search engines.
    • For example, they are not ok with AI content being generated to automatically make 10k pages.
  • I always edit my content, check online sources, do keyword research, and check with my client to make sure what is being written is fact.