Cathy S – Using ChatGPT by Open AI

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WordPress Naperville Meetup March 2023: Using AI for content and code

What kind of plan or subscription do you have?

I use ChatGPT for free, but they do have a “Pro” version that costs $20/month and gives you priority access. Although it may not seem like much, the service is in such high demand that there are times when I cannot gain access. If you have an immediate need for ChatGPT, you can sign up for just one month, pay on a monthly basis, and cancel at any time.

What do you use ChatGPT for?

I use it for clients who are new to the voice-over industry and have no career history to show. As they often lack content even for a basic one-page website, I offer them two questionnaires to gather information about their voice quality, reading styles, client value, their process, etc.

I take keywords from the original question, add that along with the answers into the ChatGPT form.

I select one of the given outputs (usually combining a couple of them) and make a paragraph or two out of it.

I then run it through a couple of AI detectors to make sure it “sounds” human.

How long did it take you to learn this and to come up with the process that you use?

I had to come up with the questionnaires several years ago as I got so many newbies to their VO work, and they didn’t really have the money yet to pay for a copywriter. But then I was spending my time trying to rewrite their choppy, incomplete sentences into enticing, marketing copy.

My podcasting mastermind group was talking a lot about ChatGPT for use in writing episode descriptions, episode notes, and website content. So I played with it a little. The way I use it now with my client’s answers came to me pretty quickly!

How has using AI affected this part of your work process?

Huge time and frustration saver! I no longer stress about how to stretch out the basic, thin text my clients give me. ChatGPT always gives me something to work with. I have had to reword my question to elicit better options from ChatGPT. But it’s not that much time – maybe another extra 5 minutes tops!

What do you plan to use this for in the future? Do you see your use of this changing?

I don’t have any new plans other than this use. But we’ll see when a new need presents itself. Right now this is solving a big problem for me, helping me speed up my work on these low-end $1000 websites.

Are you developing any other uses for this AI?

Well I did ask it the other day what the top selling bra was! LOL. It essentially told me it didn’t have access to that information. I may use it to write some more involved CSS. I can see that being a potential time-saver.

Other comments

Microsoft has a large ownership in ChatGPT and is already integrating it into their products. They now have called their new version of Bing the “New Bing.” Soon it will be the only Bing.

Right now I think you have to be using the Edge browser. Once you sign in with your MS account, you have a Bing icon at the upper right. Clicking that opens a side window where you can ask questions and also still use keywords to search. 

Given that MS is so involved with this tool, I expect that at some point the ONLY way to use it will be through the Edge browser. I’m just enjoying it while I can.